2019 Annual Convention Terms and Conditions

Annual Convention Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
Exhibitor hereby agrees to be bound by all exposition rules and regulations. Exhibitor further agrees to adhere to and be bound by (i) all applicable fire, utility and building codes and regulations; (ii) any rules or regulations of the facility where the exposition is held; (iii) the terms of all leases and agreements between ACCE and the managers or owners of said facility; and (iv) the terms of any and all leases and agreements between ACCE and any other party relating to the exposition. Exhibitor shall not do, nor shall Exhibitor permit others to do, anything to the Booth or do anything in the facility which would cause a difference in conditions from those previously approved by the insurance carriers of ACCE, or the owners or managers of said facility, or which will in any way increase premiums payable by any of said parties for any such increase resulting from violation of this section.

Space assignments
It is ACCE’s policy to award placement consideration by Official Corporate Sponsors and Convention Sponsors, and then by when date registration form and payment were received respectively. ACCE will use its best efforts to locate a booth in one of the locations requested by Exhibitor within the ACCE booth placement priority policy. Notwithstanding the above, ACCE reserves the right to change location assignments at any time.


  • May not schedule private functions or events which conflict with officially scheduled ACCE educational, social or sponsor designated events, including receptions and networking opportunities.
  • Must confine activities to their provided exhibit space, including distribution of samples, souvenirs, and the use of entertainers. Models and artisans are not permitted to perform or appear outside of the contracted booth space during show hours.
  • Agree to refrain from using objectionable amplifying equipment, intrusive lighting, equipment and/or decorations, live animals, and displays that obstruct other exhibits.
  • Will use only flame-retardant materials when decorating exhibit space.
  • Will not move or alter trade booth space.
  • Will set-up and break-down their exhibit ONLY during official times designated by ACCE. If said company chooses to “close up shop” early and leave the event before the official tear-down times, the company will be fined $750.
  • Will not dismantle or abandon reserved exhibit space during the hours the Exhibit hall is officially open.

Food and beverage
ACCE considers food and beverage a very important part of the convention and for this reason accepts it as part of the Exhibitors’ marketing tools. Food and beverage may be dispensed from Exhibitors’ booths within the following guidelines:

  • Exhibitor must receive written approval from ACCE.
  • The distribution area must be kept clean and attractive.
  • Exhibitor must provide all attendees the opportunity to sample.
  • Any food or beverage distributed by Exhibitors must be arranged through the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center (convention center in Long Beach) with prior approval by ACCE.

Booth equipment provided by ACCE and its contractors shall be returned to ACCE at the end of the term thereon, complete and in good condition. Exhibitor shall have no right, title or interest in such equipment, but only the right to use it under the Lease. All other equipment shall be provided by Exhibitor at its own expense. All draping and decorative materials used by Exhibitor shall be flameproof. All booth equipment shall be in keeping with and consistent with all rules, codes and regulations referred to under Exhibiting Codes and Agreements above. All demonstrations and displays shall be confined to the booth.

ACCE shall have the right to exclude or to require modification of any display or demonstration which, at its sole discretion, it considers unsuitable or not in keeping with the character of the Exhibit hall. ACCE shall have the right to demand modification of the appearance or dress of persons or mannequins used in connection with displays or demonstrations.

Assignment and sublease
Exhibitor shall not sublet the booth or any equipment provided by ACCE, nor shall Exhibitor assign this lease in whole or in part without written notice and approval from ACCE.

This agreement shall not constitute or be considered a partnership, employer-employee relationship, joint venture, or agency between ACCE and Exhibitor. Exhibitor hereby agrees to and does indemnify, hold harmless and defend ACCE from and against any and all liability, responsibility, loss, damage, cost, or expense of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to cost, interest and attorney’s fees) which ACCE may incur, suffer, pay or be required to pay, incident to or arising directly or indirectly from any intentional or negligent act or omission by Exhibitor or any of its employees, servants, or agents. Exhibitor further agrees that ACCE and its representative agents and employees shall not be responsible for (i) damage, loss or destruction of property of Exhibitor or (ii) injury to Exhibitor or its representatives, agencies, employees, licensees, or invitees.

Cancellation or postponement of Exhibition
In the event that the Exhibition (“Expo”) is postponed due to any occurrence not occasioned by the conduct of ACCE or Exhibitor, whether such occurrence be a natural disaster or the common enemy or the result of war, riot, civil commotion, sovereign conduct, or the act or conduct of any person or persons not part or privy to this lease, then the performance of the parties under this agreement shall be excused for such period of time as it is reasonably necessary after such occurrence to remedy the effects thereof, and in any event for the duration of such postponement. In the event that such occurrence results in cancellation of the Exhibit hall, the obligations of the parties under this agreement shall be automatically terminated and all rental payments made under this lease shall be refunded to the Exhibitor, less pro rata share of expenses actually incurred by ACCE in connection with the Exhibit hall.

Handling and storage
ACCE and the owners or managers of the facility where the Exhibit hall is to be held shall not accept or store display materials or empty crates, and Exhibitor shall make its own arrangements for shipping, delivery, receipt and storage of such materials and empty crates.

Items covered by ACCE
For Exhibitors, ACCE will provide one skirted table, two chairs, wastepaper basket, piping and draping of booth and a small sign (in addition to benefits outlined elsewhere in the Prospectus). Items NOT covered by ACCE that must be ordered from the general services contractor include: electrical hookup, Internet connectivity, telephone, carpeting and extra furniture. ACCE will provide contact information and packets from the general services contractor.

Cancellation of lease
Exhibitor shall have the right to cancel this agreement at any time by written notice to ACCE. Any booth space cancelled prior to March 22, 2019 will receive a full refund of all payments, minus a $125 processing fee. Beginning March 23, 2019, no refunds will be made. Under all circumstances, ACCE retains the right to resell any booth space cancelled by Exhibitor or forfeited where a balance or contract is overdue more than seven (7) business days.


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