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Welcome to the American Chamber of Commerce Executives' Business Center.  We invite you to learn more about the chamber profession, ACCE, and various opportunities that can link your organization with chambers of commerce and businesses nationwide. 

  • Gain exposure to over 1,200 chambers of commerce
  • ACCE is represented in every state
  • ACCE members represent over one million businesses
  • ACCE's membership has over $1 billion in spending power

ACCE's philosophy behind its sponsorship program is to create win-win partnerships.  Whether your budget limits your contribution to a few hundred dollars or you have the ability to contribute significantly more, ACCE will work with each organization to ensure its message is effectively distributed.


Members have come to rely on ACCE as the source that provides access to professional information and the tools necessary for succeeding on an individual level and as a business entity.  Because of ACCE's standing in the chamber profession, the more your business becomes involved with ACCE, the more exposure you'll receive.

What are ACCE's sponsorship goals?

To provide ACCE members with the resources they need - from providing access to products and/or services to new resources for the changing climate in the business communities chamber represent, ACCE is looking for partners to help support its mission.

What are the different sponsorship opportunities?

Official Corporate Sponsorship: If your organization is looking to saturate the chamber market through a variety of marketing and promotional efforts or strengthen its relationship in local communities, then ACCE official corporate sponsorship is for you.  Official corporate sponsors are for a calendar year and designate your company as an ACCE partner in our programming throughout the agreement.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities: If your organization is seeking individual promotional opportunities to connect with members, there are several ways to gain more exposure for your company including:

  • ACCE's annual convention
  • Affinity programs and partnerships
  • Teleconferences & Webinars
  • Informational sources
  • ACCE education initiatives
  • Scholarships
  • Publications
  • Regional seminars

If you are interested in these or other opportunities with ACCE, please contact Chris Mead at 800/394-2223 or link to his email

Chamber Executive Magazine

ACCE's award-winning journal, Chamber Executive, is written exclusively for CEOs and senior managers of chambers of commerce and affiliated business organizations. Readers are decision makers and influencers who promote the commercial, business, and economic needs of their communities. They play a vital role in the advancement of schools, local government, workforce development, and tourism. Editorial content explores such topics as economic development, fundraising, government relations, membership development and retention, business trends, finance and administration, and workforce development. Readers seek information on best practices, model programs, community issues and initiatives, and trends in chamber management. ACCE's chamber surveys show that Chamber Executive is the top source of information on current chamber and community trends and issues. Chamber Executive is published quarterly and has a current circulation of 5,900.

Interested? Email Chris Mead or call him at (800) 394-2223. Download the Chamber Executive Advertising Kit.


As part of its dedication to enhancing professional growth of its members, ACCE hosts an annual convention, which attracts all chamber professionals, from the CEO to the membership and sales and other professionals.

Your organization can showcase its services in our exhibit hall utilized by the more than 1,000 attendees at our convention.

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor at our convention, please contact Chris Mead at (800) 394-ACCE or send him an email.