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Affinity programs are business partnerships in which a company offers special rates or services to a chamber’s members in an effort to increase revenue for both organizations. For instance, a chamber may sell discounted prescription cards to its membership and profit share with the card provider. These programs typically provide a small, but steady stream of gradually increasing income. In order to be successful, there must be a true price advantage and value for the member. It is important to consider the reputation of the company as well as the revenue potential compared to the time investment of the program before entering into an affinity arrangement.

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Affinity Programs for ACCE Members Only (Not available for ACCE's Members’ Members)

ACCE Affinity Programs, Sponsors & Partners (listed alphabetically)

Additional Affinity Programs & Partners
  • EnergySage, Inc. - EnergySage, Inc., and Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy, a national network of local US chambers of commerce, have announced the launch of a partnership to help local chambers of commerce and their member businesses take advantage of cost savings from installing solar energy.

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Chamber Affinity Programs - Samples & Examples

Member to Member Discount Programs Examples

Energy, travel, office supplies, Certificates of Origin services, and insurance plans are fairly common member to member programs.


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