Annual Reports and Financial Reports

Reporting is an essential factor for all types of businesses. Chambers will need to prepare Annual and Financial reports. Reporting formats can be done in any variety of ways. Dashboard reports are one style that Boards request as they provide at-a-glance statistics and monthly snapshots.

Annual Reports

Chambers use Annual Reports to show their progress to members, community leaders, and prospective members. Annual reports provide a comprehensive record of the previous year showing how the chamber was productive and effective. They are excellent overall marketing pieces, recruitment and retention takeaways, and featured deliverables to key stakeholders.

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Financial Reports

Use: Financial reports are given to chamber boards as an efficient way for them to measure progress and stability in the chamber operations.

Dashboard Reporting

Definition: A dashboard is a visual interface that provides at-a-glance views into key measures relevant to a particular objective or business process. Dashboards have three main attributes:
  • Dashboards are typically graphical in nature, providing visualizations that help focus attention on key trends, comparisons, and exceptions.
  • Dashboards often display only data that are relevant to the goal of the dashboard.
  • Because dashboards are designed with a specific purpose or goal, they inherently contain predefined conclusions that relieve the end user from performing his own analysis.
Source: For Dummies: Defining Excel Dashboards and Reports

Create Dashboard Reports

Learn How to Create Effective Chamber Dashboard Reports from this ACCE University Webinar recording (April 2017).

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