Board Composition and Responsibilities

Chamber of Commerce Boards vary greatly in size and composition. reports that the “sweet spot” for nonprofit boards ranges from 15-22 members. The larger the organization, the larger the board. However, as board size increases, attendance decreases. Based on data collected in the recent Chamber Operations Survey, chamber board sizes range from approximately 11 to 128, with the median average for smaller chambers being 17 and the median average for the largest chambers being 62. Typical roles on the board are board chair, vice chair (some boards have more than one), secretary, treasurer, and members. The majority of boards have an executive committee, which acts on behalf of the board between meetings. Boards often have other committees as well to manage their core governance functions, such as fundraising and financial management.

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Board Member Application Samples

  • Board of Directors Statement of Interest - Statement of interest/self-nomination form for the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (Wis.) board of directors contains a brief series of multiple choice and open-ended questions.
  • Prospective Board Member Questionnaire - Application and questionnaire from the Irvine Chamber of Commerce (Calif.) that helps focus the Board recruitment and interview process and includes Board member expectations.

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Board Contracts & Agreement Samples

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Board Manual Samples

  • Board Policy Manual (generic/template) - This generic manual advises a chamber board of its roles, individual responsibilities, and policies that pertain to the relationship of a Director in a not-for-profit Corporation.
  • Board Policy Manual - Forks Chamber of Commerce (Wash.) board manual provides board member expectations and responsibilities, orientation details, board guidelines, and ethics and conflict of interest policy.
  • Board Orientation Handbook 2013 - Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce's (Pa.) handbook, which is included in the orientation packet given to new directors each year, discusses the qualifications and role of chamber board members, in particular their relationships to the public, chamber staff, committees, fellow board members, and various initiatives.
  • Board of Directors Manual - Longview Chamber of Commerce's (Texas) manual, distributed for leadership orientation for the chamber's board of directors, covers the chamber bylaws, legal and fiscal responsibilities, the upcoming year's strategic plan and the budget, among other topics. It also includes several documents to sign and return.
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