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According to the 2017 BoardSource Leading With Intent Survey results: "Board meeting time is a precious and limited resource, with most boards meeting for 2 hours or less each time they come together, and executives currently report that 38% of all meeting time is spent on routine reporting. The 2017 study found that overall board size has decreased slightly over the past 20 years, with the average board size currently at 15 individual members and the median board size at 13 (not including vacant seats). Download the full report for free to see additional nonprofit board stats.

Based on data from ACCE's FY 2016 Operations Survey (via Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking), Boards of Directors meet between 17 (25th percentile) and 35 (75th percentile) times per year, with the median (50th percentile) being 22 times, depending on the size of the chamber and the Board. CEOs and board chairs are often looking for good ideas to get more out of board meetings. The resources below will give you some ideas for board meetings, how to orient new board members to your process, and why board retreats may be just what your board needs when you have a pressing issue at hand.

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