Business Attraction and Recruitment

Business attraction and recruitment is one of the most high profile, and highly competitive, efforts your chamber can undertake. Communities all across the country, and the world, are trying to attract companies to invest and create jobs. Convincing companies to locate new projects in your region is part marketing, part prospecting and part sales, but it starts with knowing your community. You must start by seeing your community through the eyes of a prospective corporate investor. The key factors driving most corporate investment decisions are:
  • Site – a suitable location for their project, whether that’s previously undeveloped land, new space in an industrial park, or retrofitting an existing building.
  • Infrastructure – transportation options necessary to move people and products in and out, also communications infrastructure, like high speed internet access, to support IT needs.
  • Workforce – people with skills and/or education opportunities for workers to acquire requisite skills.
Once you know your assets in these key areas, you can begin identifying industry prospects and developing a marketing strategy to sell investors on your region.

Resources and Guides

Reference Guide to Business Recruitment and Attraction from the International Economic Development Council - This page is a jumping off point for a wealth of information and links about business attraction and site selection

Site Selection Magazine: the journal covering corporate real estate strategy and area economic development

Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Program from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - The goal of this program is the creation of more and better jobs through effective policy implementation, innovative practices, stronger capacities and integrated strategies at a local level.

Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing report authored by Development Counsellors International (DCI) is available for download from their site.


Award-Winning Chamber Examples

More Business Recruitment Samples

Site Location Service Providers

Esri is built on the philosophy that a geographic approach to problem solving ensures better communication and collaboration. Geographic information system (GIS) technology leverages this geographic insight to address social, economic, business, and environmental concerns at local, regional, national, and global scales

GIS Planning
GIS Planning is leading the movement to revolutionize economic development. Today, over 12,500 cities including the majority of the 100 largest cities in the USA are already participating in this movement by using GIS Planning’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Software as a Service technology.

ZoomProspector speeds up and simplifies the process of site selection analysis so that companies can quickly identify the optimal location for their business start-up, expansion or relocation.

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