Chamber Blogs

Below are examples of the variety of ways in which chambers can use a blog to communicate with their members. They are each updated regularly, several times per month at a minimum:
  • The Asheville Chamber of Commerce's (N.C.) Business Blog communicates local events, job postings, chamber news, and public policy updates with easy access to archived posts.
  • The Association of Washington Business's (Wash.) Business Watch Blog keeps members up-to-date on advocacy efforts and policy.
  • The Boca Raton Chamber's (Fla.) Information Station keeps members informed about the effect of government policies.
  • The Columbus Chamber of Commerce's (Ohio) blog contains information on economic development and business trends.
  • Greater Spokane Incorporated’s (Wash.) blog covers several areas of interest to chamber members, including chamber initiatives (e.g., business advocacy and education), business developments, and member news.
  • The Lancaster Chamber’s Young Professionals Network (Pa.) blog addresses the topics of “Chamber,” “Connect,” “Innovation,” and “Network.”
  • Entries on the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's (Tenn.) Blog include member profiles, legislative policy, local initiatives, and professional development events.
  • The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber’s (Wash.) Live Wire blog disseminates news items from all levels of government in addition to local events. It also includes a list of other chamber blogs and resources.

Convention & Seminar Resources

  • Blogs by Blogging Bloggers: 2016 ACCE Convention eCourse. In this session, we explore blogs and how blogging can be an effective tactic for your organization to deliver content, build brand awareness, and add value to membership. Also hear strategies of chambers that have been the subject of flattering - and not so flattering - blog posts. Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes. Cost: $15 for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff.
    • Blogs by Blogging Bloggers - free presentation handout from Michelle West, President, Chamber Speak; Laurel Egan Kenny, Founder and President, Turningpoint Communications.

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