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  • The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce (N.C.) has a Business Walk Survey that gauges the local business climate. This past year, homelessness was one of the main issues that emerged in the survey and became part of their lobbying agenda.
  • Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce (Ore.) Home Runs for Homeless Youth - The 2012 Leadership Beaverton class hosted a fund-raising kickball tournament to bring the issue of homeless youth to light. Proceeds will help HomePlate Youth Services establish a drop-in night for Beaverton.
  • Chico Chamber of Commerce (Calif.) - Chico and particularly Downtown Chico faced the challenges of increased homelessness and transients. Through a multi-organization collaborative of service providers and businesses, the Clean & Safe initiative launched the Generosity campaign encouraging the community to give to service providers not panhandlers.
  • The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce (Fla.) and the Homeless Leadership Board partnered with the Art Institute of Tampa to change public understanding of homelessness through a social marketing campaign.
  • Douglas County Chamber of Commerce (Ga.) - The City of Douglasville is seeking community-minded businesses who will be part of the United Way and its program to remove people “from the woods” and place them in housing where they can receive support services of a transitional nature.
  • The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce set out to curb Miami-Dade County’s growing number of homeless individuals by forming a Homeless Committee with the purpose of creating a long-term solution for eliminating homelessness. That committee, established in 1993, ultimately evolved to become Carrfour Supportive Housing, which is now Florida’s largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing.
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (Ca.) Land Use, Construction & Housing Advocacy Council addresses the homelessness crisis in a statement to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 2016
  • The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce (Fla.) and the Central Florida Partnership launched a major homelessness initiative in 2008, Ten to End, with the ambitious goal of eliminating homelessness in Central Florida within ten years.
  • The Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce (Calif.), in collaboration with other local business associations, administered the 2013 Santa Cruz County Business Climate Survey which asked Santa Cruz respondents to rank possible actions to improve public safety. The highest ranked efforts were law enforcement to address gangs and drugs with positive support for social services focused on gang involvement and social and health services for the mentally ill. Social services for homeless and transient populations and to reduce drug dependence were at the bottom of the rankings.

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