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DC Fly-In refers to a chamber led delegation trip to Washington D.C. to communicate an agenda to elected representatives and/or appointed federal officials.


At their core, DC Fly-Ins are a tool for federal advocacy. They assure that the local business community is heard in Washington D.C. However, the approach to leading a DC Fly-In varies greatly. Some chambers take an exclusive, invite-only delegation to Washington with a focused mission. Often these small groups focus on winning funding for an important infrastructure project or building relations with an important federal department. Other chambers bring large groups with broad agendas that include policy issues and appropriations funding. These large group trips are often a hallmark program in the chamberís annual calendar, an opportunity for intensive high-level networking, and can be a significant source of non-dues revenue.

Before planning your DC Fly-In, your organization must define its own criteria for success. Consider three questions from the outset Ė size, scope, and sponsorship. How large a group do you want to bring to the Capital? How broad a range of issues do you want to address? And do you expect to generate revenue for the chamber? There is no wrong answer to any question, but you should clearly define goals and objectives that align with your organizationís mission and values.

Many local chambers are shifting more of their government relations focus toward federal policy and appropriations. Why? Members' concerns about federal policy. Businesses of all sizes feel threatened by the tone and direction of major policy initiatives in Washington D.C. They want their questions answered and their concerns voiced, and luckily they are turning to you-their chamber of commerce.


Chamber Executives Get Down to Business In the Nation's Capital - by Ian Scott, Chamber Executive, Fall 2009


Des Moines (IA) Partnership, DC/DM Trip Central Florida Partnership Trip to Washington D.C. 2015 Sacramento Metro Chamber (Calif.), Capitol to Capitol Trip US Chamber's Washington Fly-In Program

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers issue briefings from their top policy experts free of charge to members. A typical briefing session lasts roughly one hour and includes candid updates on three issues of your choice from the US Chamber's wide range of expertise. Many visiting chambers like to schedule their briefing session at the beginning of their trip before heading to Capitol Hill.

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