Diversity Statements

As more and more businesses, and chambers alike, are recognizing the importance of a diverse community, workforce, and workplace, it is becoming common practice to communicate that understanding to stakeholders. Whether it’s a declaration of the value of diversity, or a promise to the community, members, employees or the public to institute inclusive practices, statements such as those below can help organizations hold themselves accountable.

ACCE's Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement: "For the betterment of the association, chamber leaders and the communities they serve, ACCE will champion access and equity of opportunity through intentional inclusion of all." (Unanimously adopted by ACCE's Board of Directors, October 2015)

Examples of Chamber Public Diversity Statements:

Tulsa Regional Chamber
  • The Tulsa Regional Chamber is an innovative and inclusive workplace that seeks out and values individual differences.
  • Diversity is a key part of their Core Values.
  • Mosaic is the Chamber’s diversity business council. The primary focus of the Mosaic council is to create awareness about the competitive advantage of having a diverse and inclusive business climate in the region.
Knoxville Chamber’s Diversity Council
  • The Diversity Champions taskforce is a group of 60 Knoxville-area business leaders focused on communicating the importance of a diverse workforce. Their mission includes this statement: "East Tennessee: a place “Where Everyone is Embraced and Empowered to Excel”
St. Louis Regional Chamber Lewsville Area Chamber (TX)
  • The Women’s Division promotes women in business by providing networking, professional development, and educational opportunities to help women thrive in business. Members of the Women's Division strive to act as role models, educators and mentors to women. The Women's Division provides support and encouragement to women in business and provides a voice within the Chamber for women’s business issues. Learn more about Women in Chambers.
  • The Senior Services Alliance (SSA) is a group of member businesses allied by a common focus: serving senior adults and their families. Collectively, the SSA covers a broad range of senior services.
Greater Cleveland Partnership
  • Diversity and Inclusion at GCP serves as a civic model for the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that advance productivity, innovation, and economic growth.
Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
  • The Chamber's Diversity Statement expresses that they are committed to actively seeking a diverse and inclusive board, workforce, membership, business environment and community. These values are supported through the chamber's policies, practices, membership services and community engagement.
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • The Chamber's Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is demonstrated through their Statement, within the chamber's business practices, and with members, including networking services and the Diversity Award.
    • Diversity Statement: "As an advocate of the regional business community, we recognize that addressing the evolving demographic changes in our region is fundamental to the growth and sustainability of our Members. Creating an inclusive environment that engages individuals reflective of the full spectrum of our region strengthens our organizations and is key to the success of Greater Philadelphia as a whole. We invite, and encourage, you to review the Chamber’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, along with recommended guidelines for our Members."
Greater Greenville (SC) Chamber of Commerce
  • The Greenville Chamber recognizes that full potential is realized when diversity and inclusion is the standard to strengthen and impact our community. The Greenville Chamber’s commitment to this charge is evidenced in our internal and external leadership in the work of diversity and inclusion.
  • Greenville Chamber Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement:
    • The Greenville Chamber endeavors to ensure diversity and inclusion is an integral part of all aspects of the Chamber’s operations and strategic initiatives. As part of this charge, the Chamber works continually to allow every possible advantage for economic parity and community prosperity.
  • The Greenville Chamber achieves this mission by:
    • Advocating for economic inclusion
    • Cultivating diversity leadership by providing resources and opportunities for historically underserved populations to connect, learn and grow
    • Facilitating minority business growth and development
    • Engaging in diverse community impact
Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • "The MAHCC values diversity and views it as a strength in the organization, in the workplace, and in the communities the Chamber serves. To that end, the MAHCC promotes inclusiveness and equal opportunity for all in its leadership, staffing, policies and practices, and encourages all of its member businesses to do likewise."

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Last Updated: 1/12/2016

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