Elected Official Scorecards

Many chambers that take positions on policy issues also score elected officials based on their voting record. Chambers identify issues on their advocacy agenda that impact the local business community and track pending legislation. After the votes have been cast, chambers publicize how the officials voted.

Examples of scorecards for local issues:

Examples of scorecards for state issues:

  • Georgia Chamber 2013 Scorecard Tracker - The Georgia Chamber offers a Scorecard Tracker, updated annually to help keep lawmakers accountable to businesses.
  • Florida Chamber of Commerce Legislative Report Card - This Chamber's online version of the Legislative Report Card offers an in-depth look at how each legislator voted on the issues that matter to businesses during the legislative session.
  • Montana Chamber of Commerce 2013 Voting Review - This booklet describes the methodology behind the business score, gives recognition for pro-business legislators, and summarizes each bill with a chamber perspective. The scorecard displays the Senators' and Representatives' votes on each bill with red and green marks for a quick view of individual's voting records. There is also a section on the governor's voting record.
  • Denver Metro Chamber Scorecards They produce a comprehensive, 20-page detailed list of state House and Senate voting records on a list of 45 bills the chamber took a position on in 2011 (21 for, 24 against). They also create a short form legislative recap. The long document includes a basic description of how the issues are selected and positions established.
  • Milwaukee Association of Commerce Legislative Scorecard - For a comprehensive record of state assembly votes on key issues, this example offers a very clear layout.

Examples of federal scorecards:

Identifying Issues

To identify which issues to include on the scorecard, most chambers form a volunteer legislative committee comprised of government affairs professionals from companies in different industries. That committee is tasked with identifying bills and recommending the positions the chamber should take. The board usually reviews and approves those recommendations. That list of specific bills or policies forms the basis of the scorecard.

While not an example from a chamber, this article and scorecard from the New York League of Conservation Voters describes their detailed scoring process for city council members. This type of scoring process could be used as a model for chambers of commerce.

Samples of Scorecards:

Webinars & ACCE U Resources

  • Elected Official Scorecards - ACCE Webinar (free). Panelists Robert Medler, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Tucson Metro Chamber, and Glenn Oppel, Director of Government Relations at the Montana Chamber, discuss their organizations' scorecards for elected officials. They explore the decisions that a chamber must make when considering a scorecard, such as selecting issues to track, deciding whether to track state, local or federal issues, and weighted scoring. They also discuss how scorecards can be utilized to benefit your policy agenda and your members. (February 2016)

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