Employment Contracts

The member volunteers that rotate in an out of chamber leadership positions have a lot of influence over who is working in a chamber. Many chamber professionals have found employment contracts help to level the playing field.


Sample Contracts

  • See all Contract examples in ACCE's Samples Library.
  • CEO Contract Samples - From Waverly Partners, LLC; This document contains several detailed examples of CEO employment agreements.
  • CEO Contract - From Jorgenson Consulting; Job offer letter and employment contract for a President & CEO position; can be adapted for other positions as needed.
  • CEO Employment Agreement - From North Myrtle Beach Chamber, contract between the chamber and CEO covers such matters as duties and responsibilities, salary, termination and confidentiality.
  • Professional sales contract - A professional sales contract from the Cherokee County (GA) Chamber of Commerce.
  • Membership Sales Contract - Very complete and thorough Membership Sales Contract from the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Membership Consulting Contract - This sample is an outsourced membership sales contract with a commission and bonus schedule from the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce.
  • Employment Agreement - Grapevine Chamber's employment contract covers terms and conditions of employment, salary, benefits, termination, and several miscellaneous items including dispute resolution.
  • General Employment Contract - This is a sample employment contract that can be adapted to suit your own chamber's needs from the Southlake Chamber.
  • Outsource Contract - Sample outsourcing contract for a membership consulting professional from ACCE.

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