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Chamber of Commerce Week


  • The Newport Beach (CA) Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual Sandcastle Contest with different themes each year. For 2016, the theme was "Fantasy Castles and Cars." This long-running event is presented by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce and attracts thousands of spectators and contest participants ranging from seasoned professionals to first–timers.

Community Orientation Events

  • New Executives Luncheon - St. Joseph Chamber Metro Chamber recognizes executives new to the area or who have been recently promoted in an annual luncheon (now in its 44th year).
  • Omaha Executive Institute - The Greater Omaha Chamber's program is offered exclusively for senior level executives new to their positions and/or the community and their spouses. It explores the issues, challenges and opportunities of Greater Omaha to help participants understand the environment in which they are now doing business.
  • Wichita Insight is a program to welcome CEOs, senior executives, and their spouses who are new to Wichita. It aims to inform them about the region and introduce them to various community leaders.

Health & Fitness Events

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!)

  • Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is an a 30-week afterschool program aimed at educating and instructing students from middle school and high school about the art of entrepreneurship. These students come up with and design their own business plans and pitch them to a panel of local investors in order to gain funding for their own small businesses.


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