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Visit the ACCE Microsite on the Horizon Initiative: Chambers 2025 to learn how chambers can adapt and evolve over the next decade, and how will they ensure that their best days are yet to come. In 2014, ACCE launched the Horizon Initiative Task Force to tap into collective chamber wisdom and other resources. Our goal was not to tell you what chambers would do or be in 2025; we sought instead to identify influences and how they might shape chambers and their regions. This Chamberpedia page collects more chamber examples and resources.

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  • The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce (S.C.) summarizes eight mega trends that will require Chambers to evolve and adapt over the next decade and outlines how they are responding and preparing to respond to these trends.
  • The Chico Chamber of Commerce (Calif.) CEO Katie Simmons presented on The Road To Why at the 2017 WACE conference. The presentation focuses on the "why" of serving members and includes the organization's new mission statement and 5 key values to guide the Chamber's work now and in the future.
  • The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce (Colo.) outlined the Horizon Initiative: Chambers of the Future to their chamber board for effective involvement and planning.
See additional examples of the Horizon Initiative and Future of Chambers in ACCE's Samples Library.

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  • Chamber of the Future: Defining Tomorrow (strategic planning) - In the second of our Chamber of the Year Award Winner webinar series, the leadership of the 5-Star Accredited Billings Chamber of Commerce (Mont.) describe the Chamberís award-winning "Chamber of the Future: Defining Tomorrow" program. Though its member satisfaction rating was high and the organization was fiscally sound, the Billings Chamber was not content to sit on its laurels. (Feb. 2016 ACCE U Webinar)

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