General Resources for Events and Programs

Just getting started in event planning or need an event overhaul or refresher? This page provides a good starting point for event and program resources. Be sure to view the specific topics on the main Events and Programs page. Event planners will want to view the Resources for Chamber Event Planners page for more in-depth planning tools and guidebooks.

ACCE Resources

  • Chamber Events QuickPoll - Provides stats on number and type of events, seasonal data, marketing events, attendance, and revenue from events from 264 poll participants, compiled June 2012.
  • Chamber event planners will find ACCE's Chamber Revenue Models Whitepaper to be helpful in gaining new awareness for successful programming options. See the chapter on Community Events (published December 2013).



Online Resources

Convention & Seminar Resources

Videos, Webinars & ACCE U Resources

  • Best Practices in Events - Roundtable Discussion (March 18, 2015). Della Schmidt of the Winona Chamber and Les O'Dell of the Carbondale Chamber relayed their experiences in planning chamber-sponsored events including milestone anniversaries and annual banquets.

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