Grants and Contracts

Federal grant and contract money can be another viable source of chamber income. However, seeking and securing these funds can be time consuming and expensive. The acquisitions process is typically heavy in administration. Once an agreement is reached, a chamber must be diligent in avoiding conflicts of interest with the government agency. However, many believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. Grants and contracts can provide funds that greatly accelerate community development in areas such as tourism, infrastructure, business and other special projects.

ACCE Resources

External Grant Resources & Databases

  • - A listing of government organization's grant and contract links.
  • Foundation Center - Foundation Center is the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide.
  • - is the centralized place to find and apply for federal grants.
  • Grants Scorecard - Grant application readiness checklist from Colorado Grants.
  • GrantStation -, Inc. is a for-profit service that offers nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies the opportunity to identify potential funding sources for their programs or projects as well as resources to mentor these organizations through the grantseeking process.
  • Small Business Administration Loans & Grants - Resources and directories on finding grants.
  • Local resources: Check with your local public or college library for access to grants databases. Libraries often have grant writing and management classes and larger public libraries may have a Business Librarian on staff who can provide individual reference assistance or may teach grant writing classes.

Disaster-Related Grants and Loans

Individual Grants for Chambers and 501(c)(6) organizations

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