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Chambers' roles in helping small businesses acquire affordable healthcare coverage for their employees vary from education and advocacy, to endorsing plans, to selling insurance, to creating a self-insured entity. These roles will likely change with the latest healthcare reform. We invite you to help define current chamber roles in healthcare and describe notable changes in those roles due to healthcare reform by editing this document. To edit, click on the "edit" link at the bottom of the document, insert your facts, and complete the edit summary with your name.


Affordable Care Act

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) small businesses to corporations have new options for providing health coverage and wellness programs to their employees. Chambers have taken it upon themselves to inform their members about what the ACA means for local businesses and the local community. Chamber Examples:

Mandated Benefits

Medical Malpractice Reform

Public Policy Blog Posts


  • Health Coverage for Small Business Employees Webinar - This 30-minute Webinar on Health Coverage for Small Business Employees, coordinated by ACCE's Education Attainment Division (EAD) includes content experts presenting valuable information for chambers to share with small business members. Learn about some major improvements in how will work for small businesses and nonprofits when the enrollment period opens in the Fall of 2015. (Presented 10/26/2015 and 10/29/2015)
  • Beyond Obamacare - Presentation by Steve Millard of COSE and Kenn Penn of ChamberSolutions at ACCE 2013 Annual Convention

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