Hiring and Assessing CEOs

Boards typically conduct three assessments on a regular basis: a self-assessment, an assessment of the CEO, and an assessment of the overall performance and financial health of the organization. The Chief Executive assessment should take place annually and be based heavily on job description and agreed-upon goals. Frequently, the assessment is tied to salary increases, though the conversations about the two should take place separately. The evaluation of the organization as a whole typically takes place through regular review of financial statements and succinct, regular reports from staff members.

Hiring the CEO is an important job of the board. Typically, the board creates a selection committee, comprised of some current and past board members as well as key community members. Some chambers have the financial resources to engage a professional search firm to assist them in this process, whereas others choose to conduct the search on their own. For those chambers not using a search firm, ACCE’s Hiring Toolkit is a great resource to walk the board and selection committee through the search and hiring process.

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