Image Campaign

National Chamber Image Campaign Toolkits (ACCE Members-Only) When today’s business leaders need support or advocacy, they have many options to choose from, including trade organizations, local business groups, Internet-based resources – and the Chamber of Commerce. To effectively stand out among the ever-increasing number of choices, the chamber must clearly communicate the role it plays and value it adds to businesses and the community at large. ACCE partnered with the Quixote Group to develop the National Chamber Image Campaign for member use. Ultimately, the goal of the Campaign is to help chambers of commerce better communicate the value they bring to their communities. Three Toolkits – the Message Infusion Toolkit, Advertising Toolkit and the Public Relations Toolkit – will help increase overall communications effectiveness in respective communities across the country. Because the National Chamber Image Campaign is no longer an active project at ACCE, you may find that some of the weblinks in the toolkits are no longer active. If you would like more information about the campaign or resources related to the campaign, please contact the HERO Team at or at 703-998-3524.

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