Immigration reform is a critical economic issue. Business investment follows top talent, and a steady flow of talented, industrious immigrants can help fuel a booming economy. But despite the economic benefits, any debate about immigration reform raises a host of difficult questions, including: what to do about the undocumented currently living in the U.S., how to secure the country’s borders and how to develop a simple system for employers to verify employment eligibility.

The challenge for local Chambers of Commerce is how to develop policy positions on immigration reform that balance the necessity to remain a globally competitive and welcoming community, with a strategy for secure borders and a proper path toward legalized citizenship.

Below are some helpful links to resources on immigration reform:

Immigration Resources

Policy Positions on Immigration

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Articles on Immigration

  • Immigration fuels the Great Lakes region - This ACCE blog post shares info on a 2017 report from the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition and New American Economy, indicating that immigration is fueling growth in cities like Pittsburgh, Rochester and Akron. Not only are immigrants helping to balance population decline, they’re responsible for job creation: more than 226,000 jobs were created in the Great Lakes region by immigrant entrepreneurs over a 15-year span. (Nov. 16, 2017)
  • Immigration Articles from the PEW Research Center

Convention & Seminar Resources

  • Thriving Together: Supporting Success for Underserved Populations - Presentation by Alicia Berhow, Vice President, Workforce Development & Advocacy, Orange County Business Council (Calif.); Jay Byers, CCE, IOM, CEO, Greater Des Moines Partnership (Iowa); Mary Stagaman, Senior Inclusion Advisor, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. From the 2016 ACCE Annual Convention.

Videos, Webinars & ACCE U Resources

  • Immigration and Economic Development: A Regional Approach - This webinar recording discusses regional immigration initiatives that drive economic growth by attracting and retaining global talent. Webinar participants will learn how chambers of commerce can leverage community partnerships to develop immigration integration practices that strengthen economic competitiveness. The presentation includes examples of effective programming and sample messaging that resonate well with business and civic leaders. Presentation slides available for download. ACCE University Webinar Recording on YouTube (7/20/2016)

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