Intercity Visit

An intercity visit is a trip to another city or region taken by a diverse delegation comprised of leaders from a communityís public, private and nonprofit sectors.

ACCE has an Intercity Visit Community Peer Group which consists of chamber executives that run regular trips between a delegation from their community to another destination. Participation in this group is open to any ACCE member who facilitates a trip of this nature.

Thinking about where to go for your next intercity visit? Try the Chicago Fedís Peer Identification Tool. It matches metro regions based on categories like equity, resilience, outlook and housing, so you can find your closest matches using the metrics you care about.

On an intercity trip, the visiting delegation discusses challenges and opportunities their community is facing with leaders from the host community. The visit provides an opportunity for interaction among city leaders and facilitates exchange of best practices and lessons learned between the two cities. These visits are often organized annually, serving as a regularly scheduled opportunity for collective community visioning.

It is important to distinguish an intercity visit from a trade mission or a delegation conducting research for a specific project. While participants on an intercity visit may bring back new ideas for a project or establish a new business connection in the host city, neither of those valuable outcomes is the primary reason for the visit.

A newer twist on such programs is the intracity visit, which features the same kind of programming in a chamberís home region.

Program Rationale

Community Best Practices
The most tangible reason for doing an intercity visit is to introduce your civic leaders to innovative ideas and programs that may be adapted and implemented in your community. Candid speakers in the host city can also alert your delegation to the challenges they are struggling with. Select a destination city based on specific facing issues your community so that the visit can focus on best practices and be a true learning experience.

Networking and relationship building that happens on an intercity visit is equally important for your community leaders. Through shared experiences and a common foundation of understanding, delegates return from an intercity visit as a more cohesive team working to solve problems on behalf of the community.

Economic Development
Intercity visit trips yield new ideas and strengthened connections that can translate to big gains for your community's quality of life and quality of place. The trips are an excellent opportunity to showcase the interconnectedness of economic and community development.

Government Relations
Every chamber faces a host of difficult decisions when setting their public policy agenda. Creating a knowledgeable, broad based delegation to support those issues is not an easy task. The intercity visit provides a unique opportunity to build consensus around important public policy and community investment issues. Rarely will you have the level or breadth of leadership all in the same room as you will on an intercity visit. You will have the opportunity to create a learning experience that frames the issue and provides in-depth understanding.

Chamber Image
By taking the lead role of convening a delegation of your communityís top elected, business and civic leaders, the chamberís profile is heightened. The best practice sharing and relationship strengthening that come out of an intercity visit are tangible benefits that your members will notice and appreciate.

Non-Dues Revenue
An Intercity Visit can be a great source of revenue if the registration fee is set appropriately and sponsorship opportunities are maximized.

Examples of Chamber Intercity Visits

Articles & Books

Intercity Visit Template Example Docs

Intercity visits generate a lot of paperwork. Download and modify these samples to help save time.

Videos, Webinars & ACCE U Resources

  • An Introduction to Intercity Visits - Panel discussion with Commerce Lexington and Joan Mobley, JTM Consulting, ACCE University Webinar (free)
  • Intercity Visit Impact - This audio tutorial (question and answer format with Joan Mobley of JTM Consulting) provides an overview of the value chambers and communities can expect from launching an intercity visit program.
  • Things to Consider - This audio tutorial outlines the four key questions to ask yourself before launching your intercity visit. Spending time to carefully consider these four questions at the beginning will allow you to shape a program with realistic objectives.

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