As a professional development association, ACCE does not provide lobbying functions, but some chambers of commerce do, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and state chambers, like the Michigan Chamber and the CalChamber.

Chamber Samples

  • Infrastructure Priorities Paper - Report by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce serves as a lobbying tool at the local, state, and federal levels to advocate for key regional road, freight, transit, and water infrastructure projects. It also serves to educate members on the key projects, how much they cost, and the barriers they face.
  • Association of Washington Business Launches Statewide Grassroots Alliance - AWB and 36 local chambers of commerce formed a new Grassroots Alliance to serve as community and statewide voices on key issues.
  • Request for Proposal: State Lobbying Services - Sample RFP from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce to obtain information from individuals/teams interested in serving as the organizationís contract lobbyist during the 2011 Session of the Colorado General Assembly.
  • Lobbying Contract - Services Agreement - Sample contract form from the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce covers general terms, services and deliverables, payment terms, contractor guidelines, termination, non-disclosure clause, compliance, and subcontracting.
  • Professional Services Contract - Contract template for lobbying services with the Northshore Legislative Alliance (composed of the St. Tammany West Chamber, the East St. Tammany Chamber, and the Northshore Business Council) covers oversight, services provided, compensation, expenses, termination, reporting and disclosure, and includes a hold harmless clause.
  • Amendment to Lobbying Contract Agreement - Contract amendment from the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce outlines revised fees and expenses to provide professional government relations services.
  • Lobbying Firm Contract Addendum - Contract addendum from the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce outlines new activities and tasks for the lobbying firm to carry out for the chamber.
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