Chambers of commerce offer a variety of opportunities and services to the community. But to raise awareness of these programs and services, a chamber professional must consider the unique value each holds for specific individuals or groups within the community.

To effectively reach your audience — be it members, prospects, the media, or other stakeholders — you need to go where they are and speak to them directly. This is where marketing comes in. Take into account the four “P’s” of marketing: product, place, price and promotion. These shape and focus your chamber’s image and message, and they foster a relationship with those key stakeholders.

Marketing is often confused with advertising, but it’s actually what influences advertising; it’s the umbrella of the communications mix. It’s a carefully planned process involving strategies and tactics to assess needs, develop messages and images, and deliver products and services. It employs advertising, promotion and public relations to communicate and to deliver products and services to a clearly identified target audience.

The following lists provide samples of marketing efforts by chambers of commerce as well as other marketing-related resources. See also examples of Marketing Plans.

Award-Winning Chamber Examples

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More Marketing Samples

  • "I Belong" - The purpose of the Prince William Chamber's “I Belong Campaign” is to raise the profile of the chamber in the community, create positive public relations and goodwill, promote pride in membership, and encourage non-members to join. The chamber is using social media to promote its campaign: Members are asked to incorporate the "I Belong" signage on posts to Facebook and Twitter for opportunities to win prizes and recognition.
  • Marketing Plan: Chamber Health Plan - ChamberHealth is a benefit program offered to members of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce who require health care insurance and ancillary products in the state of Ohio and meet underwriting standards as measured by our providers.
  • Member Overview, Advertising and Marketing Opportunities Guide - The Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce provided this very comprehensive and visually appealing catalog of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, value of membership at the chamber, additional benefits, a media kit, and many other useful and enticing membership offerings. This piece is a downloadable pdf available at this link.
  • Triangle Benefits Flier (Membership Benefits) - Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce's flow chart of member benefits.
  • Working for You in 2014 - Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce's overview of the value on investment in the chamber. Piece focuses on the big picture role of the chamber.
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