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Membership Drives (aka Member Campaigns or Membership Events) is a part of the Membership Sales process, for many chambers. Some chambers have both Membership Drives and Total Resource Campaigns. Other chambers have contests or events that serve the purpose of a Drive, but aren't labeled as such; More on that in this LinkedIn thread. Always important in any part of the Membership Sales process is Membership Retention and Membership Recruitment. While Drives and Total Resource Campaigns serve as income sources, additional revenue streams are identified in ACCE's Whitepaper on Chamber Revenue Models (Dec. 2013).

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Alternatives to Traditional Membership Drives

  • Recruitment and Retention ideas such as retention-focused events (reach out to current members and keep them as current members); Retention Committees; Operation Thank you's (The Nacogdoches County Chamber (TX) annually conducts "Operation Thank You" where the staff hand-deliver new publications and seek a conversation with members who are not always the networkers. The personal touch goes a long way.)
  • "Taste the Chamber" luncheon - The Eden Prairie Chamber (MN) hosts this free luncheon event at a restaurant. The chamber gives a 20-30 minute presentation and at the end, asks non members to join. Ambassadors (and anyone else) can attend with prospects to learn about the chamber and have a free lunch. Anyone who brings a prospect who joins and lists them as the referral gets $100 cash! See the full discussion of ideas on this LinkedIn Thread.
    • Key items - members can only attend if they bring a non-member guest (although the chamber hand-selects 4 members to give testimonials and also get Board members there). At the end of the presentation, the chamber ALWAYS has special benefits to join that day and that day only - waive initiation fee, get free lunch passes etc. You don't want them to say they need to think about it!
    • Success - The chamber runs the event twice a year. Each one usually draws 60 non-members and about 20 members (room is sold out and full of energy!) and they usually get 20-24 new members each time - so close to 50 a year from this. Total revenue for us in dues is about $12,000 versus about $2,000 in food costs and maybe another $2,000 - $2500 in referral dollars. The chamber also gets new prospects from this that will potentially join in the future.
  • See also Ambassador Programs

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  • Anatomy of a Winning Campaign: 2016 ACCE Convention eCourse. From campaigns focused on talent attraction to ones centered on boosting membership, we'll review what works and what doesn't, how to measure effectiveness, and what strategies can take a campaign from losing to winning. Duration: 45 minutes. Cost: $15 for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff.
  • 60 Membership Ideas in 60 Minutes: Audio recording from ACCE's 2013 Convention. Membership and sales professionals have 60 seconds to share one idea that works for their chamber. Duration: 59 minutes. Cost: $9.95 for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff.

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