Multiple Membership Discounts

While there is no standard currently in place for counting members, membership numbers are typically based on number of individual accounts. Each member entity (or firm) is considered one individual account. Here is one example for counting members:
  • If a real estate company paid a chamber membership and had associates or realtors who paid additional associate membership dues, then you would count the company, as well as each individual realtor paying dues as part of the membership total. This could be applicable for banks, hospitals or medical clinics. If the member entity and its firms all pay separate dues individually, you would count each as an individual member.

Chamber Examples

  • Billings Chamber of Commerce (Mont.) addresses multiple memberships in its board manual.
  • Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (Fla.) uses a franchise model. The first or parent company (or bank) pays full price for any level of membership. Each asset after that is $200, or our franchise fee. If the parent company wants all assets to have a higher level of membership, we create some level of discount or double the base rate.
  • Champaign County Chamber of Commerce (Ill.) Investment Schedule addresses rates for subsidiaries, restaurants, hotels, motels, and banks.
  • Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce (Ohio) details the fees for multiple memberships in the Member Resource Guide (see p. 15).
  • Greater Federal Way Chamber (Wash.) offers membership packages for affiliates and branches (the bank or agency's main office must already be a member):
    • Bank Branches: $600 plus a one-time registration fee of $35.
    • Bank Affiliates: $280 plus a one-time registration fee of $35.
    • Real Estate Agencies: $600 plus a $35 one-time registration fee.
    • Real Estate Associate/Agent: $180 plus a one-time registration fee of $35.
  • Greater Long Branch Chamber (N.J.) offers a membership level for banks: Each bank branch pays dues of $200.
  • Helena Chamber of Commerce (Mont.) addresses real estate office and agents' membership as follows: The real estate office buys a membership at a particular tier and then individuals are encouraged to buy their own membership to stand out from the agency. (Most individuals buy a $500.00 membership so they get the logo on the website by their listing). If an individual agent/broker’s are listed under their name with the agency below so the agency doesn’t get listed in the list of members, just the agent/broker – no other agents/brokers from that office are considered members nor are they afforded benefits of membership.
  • The Salem Area Chamber (Ore.) allows for unlimited branches in their tiered dues structure options.

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Last updated: 8/8/2016