Non-Member Event Attendance

Chambers offer a variety of ways to treat non-member attendance at events. In general, chambers charge more for non-members to attend events, and some events are members-only. Some chambers charge $10 more per event for non-members. Other chambers charge more for non-members to attend their Small Business Seminars ($30 for members; $50-60 for non-members). Comparatively, other chambers offer a “member price” and a “general admission” price that ranges 25-75% higher. Some chambers offer members-only events such as a Business Expo where members can participate with booths and business promotions (and non-members can still attend, but not exhibit). Yet others offer membership luncheons and Business After Hours events as promotions to experience the chamber and potentially join. Specifically, non-members do not sponsor the luncheons, but otherwise, all local businesses are invited, member and non-member alike. Again, typically, non-members pay a higher rate for the luncheons. Many chambers view the guests as potential members and encourage their own members to invite non-members to Business After Hours events. In general, many chambers charge both member and non-member fees for events, and only members can sponsor specific events.


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