Many chambers publish items such as directories, phone books and even coffee-table books as both a member service and as a way to diversify income. These publications are useful for community members, tourists and are also beneficial to local businesses. There are now cutting edge opportunities in the electronic world such as online directories and mobile applications, as well. The sale of these items as well as the money earned from advertising in these publications produces profits for the chamber and provides an excellent membership benefit.

Chambers of Commerce that Publish

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  • Visitor Guides - Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association publishes several visitor guides, including an in-house lifestyle magazine.
  • Johnson City Source Book - A web publication from the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce which serves as a resource tool for newcomers to the area and as a networking tool for businesses. The Source Book also serves as a non-dues revenue source for the chamber.

Examples of Chamber Business Directories

Examples of Business Directories with Advertising Options for Non-Members

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