Regionalism addresses issues which cross boundaries of jurisdiction, sector, and discipline to address complex regional issues such as sprawl, equity, education, and economic development. Regional stewards are leaders who are committed to the long-term well-being of places. They see the connection between economic, environmental, and social concerns and they know how to “connect the dots” to create opportunities for their regions. Regional stewards combine 360 degree vision with the ability to mobilize diverse coalitions for action.

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  • General Resources on Regionalism - ACCE webpage containing links to general Regionalism resources.
  • The Ford Foundation Fellowship for Regional Sustainable Development (RSD)- With the generous support of the Ford Foundation, the Regional Sustainable Development Fellowship quickly became one of ACCE's hallmark educational programs. For three years, the Fellowship provided hands-on training, peer knowledge exchange, research and examination of working models on a wide-range of sustainability issues, such as infrastructure, land use, environmental stewardship, social inclusion, workforce development, and education. Participants left with a deeper understanding of regional thinking, strategies and opportunities. As part of this unique and exclusive 12-month program, fellows completed a Regional Action Project.

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