Safety and Security

Workplace safety and security issues are being addressed by and in chambers of commerce. Chambers address this issue internally in employee handbooks and through policies and procedures. See examples on the Personnel Policies Chamberpedia page. Chambers are also providing programs regarding this issue for members, such as active shooter training. Workplace safety and security is a major issue that should involve local community resources and government, including law enforcement officers, police departments, and city/county officials. Much like Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, community leaders and chamber execs need to come together and develop policies and procedures that address each community's unique needs. Talk with your local officials to learn more about creating a plan that works for your organization. We are compiling chamber examples on Safety and Security in the Samples Library. Have one to share? Email your sample to

General Reference Guides for Workplace Safety

Workplace Violence

Active Shooter Awareness and Training

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Last Updated: 7/3/2017